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Pakistan Standards & Quality Control Authority (PSQCA), the National Standards Body (NSB) for Pakistan was established under PSQCA Act 1996, working under the Ministry of Science & Technology, Government of Pakistan.  PSQCA is a member of International Standardization Bodies i.e. ISO, IEC & OIML and has signed MoUs with NSBs of other country to facilitate the trade through standardization and conformity assessment.

PSQCA has been designated as the WTO-TBT National Enquiry Point on Technical Barriers to Trade (TBT) of Pakistan under the TBT Agreement (Article 10.1, 10.2 and 10.3) and established WTO-TBT National Enquiry Point at PSQCA Head Office, Karachi to facilitate the exporters/traders/ manufacturers in the country and also any WTO member countries.  This enquiry point is responsible to disseminate information on TBT-Notifications, deals with queries regarding Standards, Technical Regulations, Rules & Regulations and Conformity Assessment Procedures.

WTO Agreement on Technical Barriers to Trade (TBT)

The WTO system recognizes the important role of standards and conformity assessment system to improve production efficiency and facilitate international trade.

In this regard the TBT gives right to every member country to take necessary measures and protect human health, the environment and prevent deceptive practices.  It therefore, addresses the matters pertaining to the preparation, adoption and application of standards, technical regulations and conformity assessment procedures and should be transparent. 

Members are therefore required to promptly notify to WTO Secretariat, standards and technical regulations being prepared or are in the process of adoption.

Systematic development of standards relating to products and processes in consultation with stakeholders

in accordance with

“Code of Good Practices for preparation, Adoption and Application of Standards”

given in TBT Agreement.

WTO-TBT National Enquiry Point

In accordance with article 10.1 of the World Trade Organization Agreement on Technical Barriers to Trade each member shall ensure that an enquiry point exist, which is able to answer all reasonable enquiries from other members and interested parties in other members as well as to provide the relevant information.

NEP handles information regarding

  • Technical regulations for mandatory standards of manufactured articles.
  • Standards adopted or proposed to be adopted.
  • Conformity assessment procedures on imports and exports to access international markets.
  • Receiving proposed technical regulations, conformity assessment procedures of member countries from WTO Secretariat for comments.
  • Request for full text on technical regulations notify by the WTO member countries.
  • Disseminate proposed technical regulations, conformity assessment procedures among the trade concerned stakeholders for their views/comments.
  • Compilation and validation of views/comments by placing before the concerned Technical Committee of Standardization Wing.
  • Validated views/comments sent to the TBT notifying WTO member country for their consideration and to avoid from any technical barrier to trade.
  • Maintained database for TBT Notifications/ Technical Regulations categorically.
  • Process of all the queries, reply these or re-route to concerned agency, if not covered under PSQCA’s mandate.
  • Coordination with other Regulators other than PSQCA.
  • Bridging to eliminate technical/technological gap and to serve better the needs of traders.

Who can benefit from NEP   

  • The NEP works as facilitation centre for importers/exporters/manufacturers/traders etc in the framework of WTO-TBT Agreement.
  • The business community will be benefited from the enquiry point in the following manner: 
  • Information on standards/technical regulations, conformity assessment procedures and other trade requirements from other WTO member countries.
  • Give opportunity to comment on technical regulations that may affect trade.
  • Alert about new technical regulations enacted or contemplated by trading partners which may affect trade.
  • Improve competitiveness and risk reduction in local industry.
  • Information on MRAs/MoUs with PSQCA and other Regulators in Pakistan.
  • Neutral link between stakeholders.


There is always room for improvement,

any comment/observation are always appreciated.