Pakistan Standards and Quality Control Authority
Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of Pakistan


                                                                                            PUBLIC NOTICE

This is to inform the general public, Government Institutions, manufacturers, importers, exporter whole sellers and retailers that Pakistan Standards & Quality Control Authority, Government of Pakistan has set mandatory the following Standards through S.R.O. 74(KE)/2011 dated 23rd June 2011 under which the manufacturing buying, selling and keeping in stock of Fans are subject to certification by PSQCA and bearing Compulsory Marking on the product from 1st August 2011.


S. No. Description of Articale PS #
(1) (2) (3)
01 Electric Fans with performance requirements PS-1/2010
02 Electric fans with safety requirements PS/IEC 60335-2-80/2010


The manufacturers of the above said products are advised to obtain the C.M. License from the PSQCA. In this regard they can contact our Zonal offices. To download the application form and Pakistan Standards for fans visit our websites:


North Zonal office

Director(CA) North

Standards Development Center, PSQCA

125-A. Industrial Area, Kot Lakhpat


Phone: 042-5118022

Fax : 042-5118022


South Zonal office

Director(CA) South

Standards Development Center, PSQCA Complex

ST-7/A, Block 3, Scheme 36

Near Kamran Chowrangi, Gulistan-e-Johar, Karachi.

Phone: 021-34021427

Fax : 021-34021429


ST-7/A, Block 3, Scheme 36, Near Kamran Chowrangi, Gulistan-e-Johar, Karachi.

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